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My Portfolio


Greg E. Williams, MD


 Behavioral Health and Neurobehavioral focus on Mental Health contribution

Summary of Qualifications

Medical Professional (pending state license), with Neurobiology research experience; holding a Doctorate of Medicine degree with over ten years of  outpatient and inpatient work history,

  • Home Health Business Owner

  • Medical Officer, Captain (Army Reserves)

  • Child & Family Psychiatry Fellow

  • General Psychiatry Resident – Graduate

  • Cognitive Remediation Specialist

  • Psychiatry Clinical Assistant

  • Mental Health Technician

  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselor

  • Career-Guidance Counselor


LifeBank, International Business; Home Based 2018 to Present


  • Marketing Technology/ Services

  • Research Design and Survey analysis

  • Executive Team Leader

Medical Officer, Captain                                -(honorable d/c)United States Army Reserves, 55th Medical; Crisis and Stress     2001 to 2010Prevention, Behavioral Health Medical Unit,88th Battalion, Indianapolis

  • Served as Medical Officer for Battalion

  • Responsible for Crisis & Stress Prevention

Child & Family Psychiatry Fellow               University of Louisville,                Behavioral Health Science,  2003 to 2004

Bingham Child Guidance Center,

  • Outpatient Psychiatry

  • Inpatient, Psychiatry

  • Emergency room, Psychiatry

  • Hospital Psychiatry consultation service

  • Residential day treatment

Medical Psychiatry Resident                University of Louisville,                   Behavioral Health Science, 1999 to 2003       Bingham Child Guidance Center,

  • Inpatient Medicine

  • Emergency Medicine

  • Outpatient Pediatrics

  • Neurology

  • Inpatient Psychiatry

  • Geriatrics

  • Inpatient Psychiatry

  • C/L UL        General

  • Substance Abuse

  • Emergency Psychiatry

  • C/L Norton

  • Child & Adolescent

  • Outpatient Psychiatry

  • Senior Administrative Resident

Research Scientist                            University of Hamburg Zentrum für Molekulare Neurobiologie 1998 to 1999       (Center for Molecular Neurobiology)           Hamburg, Germany/                                 Prof. Melitta Schachner, Dir.

  • Research on memory, learning and nerve regeneration;

  • statistical studies on control and experimental C57B6 mice

  • Experimental Mouse Behavior Studies: water maze,,

  • elevated “t” maze, pole hang, open field (etc.)

  • Effects of knock out genes in learning and recall

  • Brain extractions & immunofluorescence labeling

  • cryosectioned brain tissue preparation in neuroregeneration

  • L1 molecule and peripheral nerve restoration

  • amygdala & acoustic tone-conditioned fear response in mice

Cognitive Remediation Specialist         Texas Neurobehavioral Institute                  Arlington, Texas    1991 to 1993

  • Neuropsychological testing assessment.

  • Provided skill deficit target  intervention strategies

  • Group & Individual Rehabilitation Programs

  • Computer aided rehabilitation

  •    -“Captains Log “

  •    – A620 EEG Biofeedback

  • Development of approved NeuroPsych battery w/

  •     automated scoring reports

  • Program Marketing and Recruitment

Clinical Assistant                            Psychiatric Institute of Fort Worth                Fort Worth, TX  1990 to 1991

  • Clinical patient records,

  • Charting in-house patients,

  • Dictations for individual  progress reports;

  • Managed insurance phone reviews for benefit coverage

  • Dictated patient discharge summaries;

  • Programming for Office (Excel, Word) report writing

  • Data collection and Analysis for Target Skill efficacy

  • Adjunct requirement: marketing hospital services.

  • Tripled population of inpatient groups and expanded              outpatient community services

Mental Health Technician            Psychiatric Institute of Fort Worth                Fort Worth, TX  1986 to 1990

  • Staff support for locked medium security Psychiatric hospital.

  • Maintain structure, assistance, and safety for patients

  • Provided daily written chart records on patient progress.

  • Assisted patients in recreational outings

  • Active treatment member in Individual & group therapy

  • Earned TADAC Certification (Substance Counseling)



Child & Family Psychiatry Fellow (PGY5)                                               University of Louisville,                 Behavioral Health Science                            Bingham Child Guidance Center,                  2003 to 2004

General Psychiatry Resident PGY4 (Graduate)                                                         University of Louisville,                 Behavioral Health Science  1991 to 2003

Medical Doctor (M.D.)                      American Univ of the Caribbean Schl of Medicine, Montserrat, B.W.I.                   1993 to 1997


B.A. Psychology                                              B.A. Sociology (Dual Degree)                        Minor: Chemistry, Overall                        GPA: 3.5/4.0                                              Mount Vernon Nazarene College,                 Mount Vernon, Ohio  1980 to 1985



“Potentiated amygdaloid auditory-evoked potentials and freezing behavior after fear conditioning in mice”

Jianrong Tang, Carsten T. Wojak, Stefanie Wagner, Greg Williams, Melitta Schachner, Alexander Dityatev                      Brain Research 919:232-241 (2001).

Theoretical framework on Visualizing Emotions: the 3-D Emotions Model

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, (Senior Lecture Series), University of LouisvilleAuditorium                2003.

Family Dynamics “                                          Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences                                                           University of Louisville  2002.

Patient case studies and Management options                                                                Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences                                                               University of Louisville

“Sleep Disorders and its Impact on Society”                                                               Veterans Outpatient Clinic, V.A. Hospital, Louisville 2001.

“Posttraumatic Stress Disorder vs. reactive character disorders”                     Veterans Outpatient Clinic,                        V.A. Hospital, Louisville  2000

“The Role of the Hippocampus in memory”                                                             University of Hamburg  1998

“The Relationship of Art and Brain”         Southwest Baptist Seminary,                          Fort Worth, TX  1991

Computer Skills


MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, MS Access,

Windows, Linux,


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