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Pathology makes “Scents”

Good Information provided by “Differential Diagnosis in Internal Medicine, © 2007 Thieme”




Type of odor & Cause


Bad breath – Disturbances of the teeth, nose, tonsils, esophagus, or stomach

Putrid, fecal odor- Intestinal obstruction, esophageal diverticulum,

Sweet, putrid- Lung abscess, empyema (anaerobic), intranasal foreign body

Acetonelike, fruity – Ketoacidosis in diabetes mellitus or starvation;
chloroform or salicylate intoxication

Raw liver- (“fetor hepaticus”) Liver failure

Sweet- Diphtheria, hepatic precoma and coma

Fresh black bread- Typhus

Sourdough bread -Pellagra

Alcohol- Alcohol or phenol intoxication

Tobacco -Nicotine

Garlic Phosphorus, malathion, or arsenic intoxication

Shoe polish Nitrobenzene

Butcher shop -Yellow fever

Urine-like-  Uremia


Urine Odors


Sweet, caramellike -Maple syrup urine disease

Sweet, violetlike -Turpentine intoxication

Fishy, rancid butter- Tyrosinemia

“Mousy”- Phenylketonuria

Ammonia -Urinary tract infection with urea-splitting bacteria (e. g., Proteus)

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