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Sleepless nights raise brain levels of Alzheimer’s protein: study| Reuters

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – After a night of no sleep, even a healthy brain has higher than normal levels of the protein that forms the signature tangles in Alzheimer’s disease, according to a new study



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TAPoR – Text Analysis Portal for Research

Visual Research Tools for the Visual Minded.


TAPoR – Text Analysis Portal for Research.


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 : automatically diagram your sentences!


If you are are a visual learner like I am, you would find it difficult to grasp the relationship of disease and symptoms in your differentials.  Well, I have found a very useful tool that addresses my deficit effectively.  This is Diagrammr.

I have used this often when watching House, MD.  I start by labeling the pathology as “x”.  If the subject becomes cyanotic and passes out.  I write these sentences:

X causes cyanosis

X causes LOC

Here is what results:






When the final diagnosis is revealed, I define it as X.







Mindmapping an unfolding chalkboard of symptoms, provides a fresh perspective for individual studies in diagnosis, as in watching House, MD.

Give it a try!

The Link is found here ( Link )


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Laughter may be the best medicine for age-related memory loss – Medical News Today

Researchers from Loma Linda University in California found that laughter may reduce neuron damage caused by the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol, therefore improving memory in seniors.



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